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December 15, 2022
Jennifer Widera

Wedding Insurance

What is wedding insurance?

The most common type of Wedding Insurance is Wedding Liability Insurance. This is often required by the venue to protect the wedding couple in case they are liable for claims resulting from property damage and/or injury that occur during the event.

Do I need event insurance for my wedding?

The purpose of Wedding Liability Insurance is to protect you if you are liable for damage and/or injury. Otherwise, you may be personally responsible and nobody wants a marriage to start out with that kind of financial burden. Usually required by the venue, but a good idea regardless.

Wedding Cancellation/Postponement Insurance, a separate policy from the standard liability,

may not be required by your venue but is a good investment. It could help reimburse you for lost expenses due to an unexpected cancellation or postponement of the wedding.

What does wedding insurance cover?

Wedding Liability Insurance protects you from the financial burden you could be faced with if your wedding causes injury or damage. The simple act of putting up lights could cause wall damage. Or an accidental wine spill could cause your Aunt to take a spill and injure her wrist.

At a recent wedding, after they cleaned up they realized the confetti had stained the carpet which caused over $25,000 in damages to all the carpet in a large room. The wedding couple could have been personally responsible for that bill had they not purchased Wedding Liability Insurance.

Wedding Cancellation Insurance claims include reimbursement for lost deposits when your florist goes out of business. It can also include claims of additional expenses incurred to move the wedding to another location because your venue has plumbing issues.

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