December 15, 2022
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An SR-22 Insurance Certificate, or Financial Responsibility Form, is a vehicle liability insurance document required by some state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. The SR-22 insurance is issued in form of a certificate by an insurance company showing proof of liability insurance to the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). As required by the state the purpose of the SR-22 is to act as a tracking device. The insurance company that issues the SR-22 filing will notify the state’s DMV any time the policy cancels, or is changed. An SR-22 insurance policy is normally required for reinstatement of driving privileges after a driver’s license has been suspended or revoked by the state. The requirements for an SR-22 Insurance policy varies by state, visit us at SR-22 Insurance policy by state for more information.

If the states requires an SR-22 but the driver does not own vehicle the state laws require such drivers to obtain anon-owner SR-22 Insurance to be compliant with the state and eligible for reinstated driving privileges.

If you’re required to show proof of Financial Responsibility, or SR-22, to the DMV in order to have your driver’s license reinstated – your insurance card or even your insurance binder is not considered proof. An SR-22 is a separate filing by an insurance company that is sent to you directly from us to be presented. This can also be done from us directly to your State’s DMV, usually the SAME DAY and in most cases filed electronically with the State’s DMV office.

SR22 Facts: Information About SR22 Auto Insurance:

  • An SR22 insurance can be purchased whether you own a vehicle or not.
  • An SR-22 can be purchased as a liability only policy on an auto, or liability plus full coverage (comprehensive and collision).
  • In many cases, SR22 Auto insurance needs to be kept for a period of three (3) years.
  • An SR22 insurance can also be applied to a motorcycle policy.

Florida Rules

Sr22 that begins with a 2 is non cancellable and needs PIP & PD and a car covered for 2 years
Sr22 that does not begin with a 2 needs bodily injury and PD 10/20/10 and 3 years in length
FR44 can not be split policies and non cancellable all cars registered to insured needs to be on one policy

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