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February 16, 2023
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Painting Contractors Insurance

Painting Insurance

Painting insurance protects against a variety of common risks, including paint spills, falls, broken windows, or almost anything else that could result in injury or costly property damage. A single incident might be difficult or impossible to overcome without the appropriate coverage in place.

We can connect you with one of our provider’s products to help you secure a painters insurance policy that fits your specific business needs at Dorsal Insurance.

Painting insurance cost

The cost of painting insurance differs from business to business because each has their own unique risk. Many factors influence the cost of painting insurance, such as exposure to risks, specific coverage needs and the number of employees.

For example, an individual painting contractor who needs a $1 million/$1 million general liability policy can expect to pay less than a painting company with multiple employees who needs a $1 million/$2 million liability coverage policy.

Basic painting insurance coverage:

General Liability

This is basic business liability protection for painters, and it’s often required by employers before you can work for them. It can cover instances of bodily injury and property damage for which you or your business are found legally liable.

Commercial Auto

This policy should list vehicles that travel to job sites or transport work supplies, such as paint, brushes, and ladders. Operating your business under a typical auto policy puts you at great risk of being denied coverage in case of a claim. We insure painters’ most common vehicles, including pickup trucks, vans and trailers.

Other coverages painters might need:

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A BOP extends the protection of a general liability policy to include coverage for commercial buildings and personal property.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ comp provides coverage for employees who become injured or ill while on the job.

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