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April 7, 2023
Dorsal Insurance

Grocery Stores And Supermarket Insurance

Why you need Grocery Store Insurance

Get quality coverage at a price you can appreciate. Our small business grocer insurance can help with:

    • On-premises injuries – Freshly mopped floors are great, until a customer slips. We can help cover you against injury-related claims or lawsuits.
    • Spoilage – Customers rely on you for fresh produce. Yet, a strong storm could take out the power for your fridges and spoil your inventory. Grocery Store Insurance could help cover your losses.
    • Theft – Products go missing, even with the best-laid prevention plans. We can help replace stolen items in the event of a covered claim.


What Grocery Store Insurance covers

We’ll start with a package of coverages that most grocers need. Then we’ll help you customize it to fit your unique business. The result? Grocery Store Insurance crafted for you and served up at a surprisingly great rate. Coverages include:

    • Spoilage – Backs up your business in case of accidental direct physical loss to perishable goods caused by mechanical breakdown, power outage, or refrigerant contamination.
    • Property – Protects your business building, contents, and equipment from a covered accidental direct physical loss.
    • Liability – Coverage against costly claims and lawsuits covered by your policy.
    • Loss of Income – Protection in case your operations are suspended due to a covered loss.
    • Computer Property – Provides broad coverage, with certain exclusions, for business computer equipment.
    • Equipment Breakdown – Insures your covered property against damage due to mechanical breakdown and artificially generated currents.
    • Employee Dishonesty – Coverage for when employee dishonesty results in direct physical loss to your business property, including money or securities.
    • Utility Interruption Loss of Income – Protects you when the loss of communications, water, natural gas, or electrical service utility services interrupts your business.
Consider adding additional coverages

Depending on the type of business you own, the number of employees you have and other factors, what’s generally covered might not be enough.

A Dorsal Insurance agent can advise you on additional coverages you may need to protect your business.

Workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation protects your crew against work-related injuries or illness. Requirements for workers’ compensation varies by state.

Commercial liability umbrella policy

A commercial liability umbrella policy (CLUP) gives you extra financial protection against costly lawsuits that may exceed your policy limits.

Commercial auto

Commercial auto is for the vehicles you use for work. Have several? We can combine them into a single annual policy.

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