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April 5, 2023
Dorsal Insurance

Drywall Contractor Insurance

Why do I need Drywall Contractor Insurance?

Professionally installed drywall is vital to the safety, durability, and beauty of any home. As a drywall contractor, you help build or repair the structure of our homes.

Yet, this much-needed profession comes with many risks. Not only are you conducting a large-scale installation on someone’s home, but the job often involves heavy supplies and dangerous tools. To add to the situation, you’re usually not the only person on the premises that could get hurt.

All of this results in an invitation for liability claims and lawsuits.

That’s where Dorsal insurance Comes in. General liability insurance for drywall contractors helps protect you against the financial consequences of something going wrong on the job. It gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

If drywall installation were ever to go haywire, resulting in damage to your client’s property or injury to a third party, you can rest easy knowing that it won’t all fall on your shoulders. For example, if a metal stud were ever left at a work site and a client stepped on it, you may be held liable for their injury.

As a drywall contractor, you bring safety and sturdiness to the interior of people’s homes. Gift yourself that same sturdiness through reliable and affordable small business insurance.

You deserve to feel as protected and secure as you make your clients feel.

What does Drywall Contractor Insurance cover?

The General Liability Insurance for drywall contractors arranged by Dorsal Insurance can help protect drywall contractors from costs associated with liability claims in a number of ways. It will provide the investigation of the claim and provide defense for situations like these:

Third-party, non-employee bodily injury

Your job often requires the use of sharp tools, heavy equipment, and cumbersome supplies. If any of those were to fall on, poke, or cut a client or third party, you could be held liable for any bodily injuries they experience.

Third-party property damage

While installing wall panels, you are on the premises of others. Should you damage a client’s possession while on that property, you could be held liable.

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