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abril 11, 2023
Dorsal Insurance

Pet Stores Insurance

Pet store insurance to protect the pets and your business.

A pet store isn’t like any other store. There’s merchandise, racks, displays, and cashiers, but the life of a pet store comes in the form of something that’s very much alive. The pets themselves. You need the right pet store insurance to keep your business and pets safe.

Specialty insurance solutions for pet stores.

Insurance for pet stores is as much a place for special knowledge, attention to complications, and outside-the-norm expertise as managing the store itself.

The risks involved with owning a pet store.

While pets bring a certain magic to a pet store environment, they also add a lot of complexity and a significant amount of risk that other retail establishments simply don’t have. The injury or death of an animal can be both tragic and costly, even putting your very business at risk for survival.

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